Here are some kind words from some of my clients whom I've had the privilege to support.


"From the beginning to the end of my labour I felt nothing but support and encouragement from Simone. She was ready and willing to help me in any way  I needed, even breathing through the worst of my contractions with me.    She made me feel I wasn't alone."

(Mrs G, 4th baby, natural birth, hospital, 2013)

"My labour took a turn for the worst towards the end and Simone guided me and comforted me through the trauma. She stayed by my side and made me feel safe and cared for during what was a very scary time. She stayed to take care of me for as long as I needed once the baby was born. I couldn't imagine going through a future labour without her now."

(Mrs G, 5th baby, natural birth, birthing centre 2019)              

"Simone was such a special part of my birthing experience and I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone wanting a positive birthing experience. 

I was really keen to focus on having a natural hypnobirth and as Simone is also experienced in hypnotherapy she made visits to my home throughout my pregnancy for hypno sessions and I was able to take advantage of her amazing ability to put anyone into a relaxed state of deep consciousness. She empowered me to face challenges by making informed decisions and to believe and trust in my body to do what it was created to do.Having Simone there during the birth transformed by birthing experience. She held my hands while I breathed my baby out into the water at home and again while I was having my stitches, and we laughed and cried together.

If you are looking for a birth partner that is calm and positive, practical and hands on, intuitive and reassuring, then Simone is the one for you. Thank you for enabling me to bring my little boy into the world with peace and power."     

(Mrs S, 2nd baby, natural water birth at home, 2020)

"I watched as Simone supported my wife through the many hours of the start of labour through to birth. I was confident that through pre-natal sessions of hypnotherapy that my wife and Simone went through plus the meditation and affirmation recordings we listened to before bed, that it would help the birth process. As it turned out that was a real understatement. Simone helped my wife have the ultimate positive birthing experience without the need for any pain relief and was a strong and loving presence that gave my wife the confidence and reassurance she needed at the right time and in the right way. Thank you Simone from us all and we will certainly be wanting you with us for the next!" (Mr S, 2020)

"Simone she has a good favour of my life. My baby birth time she was with me. She was help me a lot, even when I was pregnant." (sic)

(Mrs A, 2nd baby, natural hospital birth, 2012)